Thursday, August 22, 2013

GUNU came out

A Message From the Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to the eighth anniversary edition of GUNU, an international magazine of culture, literature and poetry. Besides introducing Mongolian literature and culture to the world, GUNU is making its own contribution, by bringing world literature and poetry to Mongolian readers.
GUNU has represented Mongolia at the World Congress of Poets on eight occasions. Before GUNU, there had been no magazine for Mongolian literature, and our work has been greeted enthusiastically. In 2007, the World Academy of Arts and Culture announced that GUNU as one of the 10 most influential magazines for world literature. Simon Wickham Smith became an ambassador for, and friend of, Mongolian writers through the two poems of Danzanravjaa, the fifth Noyon Khutagtu, which were published in GUNU, in 2005. Now he has become the first western scholar to write his doctoral dissertation on contemporary Mongolian literature.
We are happy to introduce to you, the 19th issue of GUNU, which contains several unique and interesting pieces for your ready pleasure.
First of all, we are introducing the poetry of Justo Jorge Padrón, one of the most famous poets in the Spanish-speaking world. Our young translators B.Nyamdorj and B.Purevsüren are working hard to render his famous book,  “The Circles of Hell” from into Mongolian, which will reach its Mongolian readership soon.
GUNU is also offering the acceptance lecture of Mo Yan, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2012, as translated by O.Munkhnaran.
In order to draw attention to new Mongolian poetry, we are publishing the works of poets some poets from Darkhan and a group of young poets who call themselves “Shine Üner” (New Scent).
We are also keen to introduce the treasures of Mongolian classical poetry to the world, thus we present poetry from the 5 accomplished poets from the Vanchinbal family.
GUNU is also promoting aspects of modern Mongolian literary history in its pages. Here we showcase the history and works of the GAL (Fire) group, from the late 1970s.  In addition, we are also publishing here some interesting works of literary criticism by  Ch.Bilegsaihan, B.Purev-Ochir, L.Tserenchimed and B.Magsarjav.
We intend to develop future editions of GUNU in this way, and we will be happy to receive any comments or suggestions from you, our readers and fellow writers.

Founder and editor-in-chief

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