Saturday, March 19, 2011

Purpose of Mother Earth calligraphy exhibition

- Praise-poems for the ancestors
- The flowering of Mongolian calligraphy from Mother Earth
- The union of nature and language arts
- Poetry heard in pictures, pictures growing from poetry
- What can an artists do to save Mother Earth?

Thirty years ago, the poet G.Mend-Ooyo wrote a poem called "Mother Earth," for which the composer R.Enhbazar wrote music. Performed by the snger B.Badaruugan, this work connected with people's hearts, expressing the meaning of taking care of Mother Earth.

During the period of political change, human civilisation has sought progress on the one hand, and has laid waste on the other hand to the treasures of the earth, has thus been losing the ecological battle, and is now approaching the edge of extinction.

In such times, the ideas behind this poem "Mother Earth" are all the more valuable, they bring a connection between the human heart and Mother Earth, and they make us think about how we are all children to the same mother.
Global warming, the melting of the polar ice, sunned flash-floods, tidal waves, droughts, earthquakes, the destruction of wild banimals and beneficial trees and plants, and desertification all proceed from human error, and all are connected with the loss of the natural system by which the earth offers its riches without prejudice.

We must, then, consider the question as to how artists, living in today's world, might protect Mother Earth.
The poet G.Mend-Ooyo and the artist D.Battümör have developed an exhibition the written word, "Mother Earth" which directly addresses this theme. Their visual and poetic artworks express a unitedattitude towards the preservation of the earth and the natural world.

Another aspect of this exhibition is that, in addition to looking into the future, and by seeing in a clearer way the rich and valuable heritage which humans have chosen to abandon throughout their history, we can think about the importance and value of such things today.

"Mother Earth" will include calligraphic versions of some eighty of Mend-Ooyo's poems.
G.Mend-Ooyo's poetic work is joined with imags in brush and ink of the artist D.Battümör, revealing the new sensibilities of calligraphic and figurative art. The exhibition will also present the new traditions of Mongol calligraphy and language art.
The artistic work which comes from our heart are the plants of wisdom growing in our Mother Earth. People step upon the earth, they drink water and take nutrients from Mother earth through the plants, and so take in the riches. The two artists say that, with the work in this exhibition, they contribute the light of their hearts, they repay the kindness of Mother Earth.

March 18 2011 11:40 Opening of the exhibition "Mother Earth".
March 18-24 2011 9:00-17:00 Exhibition open to the public.
March 19 2011 15:30 Poetry reading
March 21 2011 15:30 Launch of the book I Am Coming to You, which presents this poem of Mend-Ooyo's in thirty languages.

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